Vanessa Garrett

Head of Change Portfolio

What I do at JT

I Head up the Change Portfolio team, which is responsible for the Governance, management, delivery and reporting of JT's major Projects.
Essentially, I have oversight of ensuring that we understand, agree, manage and deliver our projects and identify and escalate risks and issues.  

Why JT

JT is an established company, with a big appetite to bring innovative technologies and products to market.  I see first-hand the volume of change we're delivering both on and off island, and I think the opportunities for growth is exciting. 
Secondly, the people I work with are a genuine source of inspiration; we have different approaches, opinions and experiences but all of this acts as an opportunity for personal growth and development 

Who am I?

At risk of revealing my age... I started at JT 14 years ago pretty fresh out of University.  I originally joined JT’s Change team 9 years ago on a secondment…I loved it so much (or they just couldn’t get rid of me) that I’m still here!  Within the department I have held various roles which I think has helped to develop a broad understanding of change

Advice for prospective candidates

Being a technology company, our change moves quickly so there's never a dull moment, so a candidate should be comfortable delivering in fast paced environment that never loses sight of the end customer.

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